Friday, October 3, 2014

       Love of Cooking Multi-purpose Strainer

The Love of Cooking strainer is a great rice washing bowl for all kinds of needs! Use it to wash rice: American long-grain rice, Brown rice, Basmati rice, Jamine rice, Japanese rice, Bomba rice, etc; The Love of Cooking strainer is highly pliable, you could squeeze out the excess starchy water to make the grains separated after cooking.

Use the Love of Cooking strainer to peel garlic too, no more garlic smell on fingers!

Use our strainer to wash vegetables and fruit, the strainer can scrub of dirt from the vegetable and make the cleaning process easier than washing with bare hands.

Squeeze out the excess water from the any green leaf vegetable easily, more efficient than traditional strainer.

There are many more ways to use the Love of Cooking multi-purpose strainer such as draining pasta or noodle, use as microwave cover, discover more at!
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